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Five Reasons For Creating A Website

1. To Establish A Business Web Presence

  • Reach local, specialized, and International markets.  
  • 80 million people use the Internet. Most users are college-educated and make a high salary.
  • Reach millions of people 24 hours day, 356 days per year.
  • Your competitors are most likely online.

2. To Network

  • Meet potential clients.
  • Keep in touch with colleagues and employees.

3. To Promote Products & Services

  • Tell people about what you can do for them.
  • Test and advertise new products & services to people you can't normally reach.
  • Offer instant access to company products and services.

4. To Serve Customers Faster & Better

  • Publish a monthly newsletter to say what's new.
  • Offer Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.
  • Use e-mail so customers can reach you when they are available.  
  • E-mail saves everyone long distance phone charges.
  • Get instant feedback from your customers from a custom Feedback Request Form.
  • Offer a custom Request For Information or Request For Quote Form.

5.  To Keep Expenses Down

  • Save printing expenses by updating and publishing up-to-the-minute information quickly and easily. 
  • Use e-mail, voice, and video technologies without paying long distance phone charges.
  • Hold live text, audio, and video meetings over the Internet.
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